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Powerful computation capabilities for every data need

Sometimes, you need to change the data to make it useful to pass into another tool. The Hull Processor allows you to take your data, apply logic with Javascript, and emit new properties called "traits" and events for use in the Hull Profile.

Write your own logic with simple Javascript

  • Compute new values like lead scores, revenue, or number of times a user completed an action
  • Excellent for creating fallback strategies for specific fields or activity - i.e. dictating when to use a certain value when another value is present

Transform events and attributes for use in other applications

  • Capture just about any kind of data and transform it into the exact format you need
  • Perfect for turning events into attributes and vice versa

Leverage the power of Hull for use in other platforms

  • Send freshly transformed data to the apps that need it most
  • Trigger your most important workflows with the Hull Processor

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Full Control of Your Data

With the Hull Processor, you have full control of your data. You have the option to consistently sync your newly transformed data, to detect changes in data and act accordingly, or create one-time pushes. The choice is yours!

The Processor can also handle some of the most complex data requirements in your stack. The only limit is your imagination.

Get more out of your tech stack with Hull

With the Hull Processor, you can now clean, transform, segment, and sync your data to your tech stack in real-time from thousands of applications.

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Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Hull Processor