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Give sales all the real time insight they need

Help sales to talk to the right people, say the right thing, and reach out at the right time, without cluttering up their workflow.

Hull combines data from all your tools and databases - including Salesforce - into unified customer profiles and accounts, then sorts, segment, and syncs this data to all your tools. Powerful Salesforce data integration without the headache.

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What does Hull for Salesforce do?

With Hull’s Salesforce integration, you can choose Leads and Contacts to sync to Salesforce. Choose what data you want to sync over to Salesforce, and see Leads and Contacts merged together - no duplicates. Use data from Salesforce to enrich other tools and power automated workflows.

Setup Hull’s Salesforce integration in minutes

It’s quick and easy to get started. Connect and configure in a few clicks, and start syncing your data between Salesforce, Hull, and all your other tools. Request your personalized demo and take back control of your Salesforce data today.

For Salesforce Enterprise and above.

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Stop wasting sales time and effort with poor-fit leads

Why clutter Salesforce with any and every lead? Use data from other tools to qualify leads before they’re passed to your sales team in Salesforce. Let sales to focus their time and effort on the right leads by sending only qualified leads in the first place.

Popular sources of lead qualification data:

  • Website analytics
  • Third party enrichment tools (like Clearbit)
  • Product usage data (from analytics and SQL databases)
  • Live chat conversations (from Intercom)
  • Email engagement

Give sales the clues to more engaging sales conversations

Give sales the right thing to say to engage each lead, without a deluge of data. Cherrypick data to fill-in-the-blanks from other tools into Salesforce Leads and Contacts. Now your reps and account executives have the most relevant clues and conversation starters to close the deal.

Complete control to clean up your Salesforce data

Spare your sales team the headache of wading through a deluge of data. Give your reps the insights they need instead of the raw data you have.

Automatically merge Salesforce Leads and Contacts through Hull, clean and re-compute fields in Salesforce, and hold back junk leads and data.

Integrate with Salesforce without code or insanity

Instead of dumping disorganized data into your Salesforce, filter and format all your data before it is ever sent. Free yourself from Salesforce developers - command and control your data with clicks, not code.

Hull is the intelligent AppExchange alternative you need to connect your fRanKenSTaCk of tools without making Salesforce unusable.

Eliminate your Salesforce “storage stupidity tax”

If you aren’t plugging in another Salesforce product, it counts against your daily API credits. Don’t overpay for Salesforce storage and API credits. Escape the sneaky upsell with smarter Salesforce data management.

With Hull’s intelligent processing and batching through our deep Salesforce data integration, send and store just the data you need inside Salesforce - not everything under the sun (sorry SFDC reps).

Align your teams and orchestrate campaigns from Salesforce

Bring sales together with your other teams by syncing your tools together. Connect Salesforce to all your tools and databases through Hull to get on the same page. With one common, complete view of each lead and customer, at last you can align all your sales, marketing, and customer-facing teams.

Upgrade your data flows further - use activities and updates in Salesforce to update profiles, personalize messages, and trigger workflows in other tools.

Unify your customer data today with Hull

Busy teams from Segment, Appcues, Mention, and more discovered how Hull worked for them with a personalized demo. Schedule your demo today.

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Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Salesforce