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Data from your product & data warehouses, CRM, email, enrichment, analytics — all in Salesforce automatically.

Popular Hull integrations with Salesforce

Hull connects Salesforce with the data it cannot reach from elsewhere - your product, data warehouse, payments, data enrichment, as well as all your sales & marketing tools.

With Hull, you only ever have the most complete, up-to-date, accurate records in Salesforce to trigger tasks, build reports & work opportunities.

The biggest benefit of Hull is it is the core infrastructure we use to work off of everything. It's where we do all of our enrichment activities and then push that data HubSpot and Salesforce and as well as web forms.

Matt Lovett, CEO at Oz Content

Connect your SQL databases to Salesforce

  • Query databases on a schedule
  • Upsert to Leads, Contacts & Accounts
  • Exclude null updates. Batch true updates.
  • For MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift & Snowflake

Connect SQL databases to Salesforce

Connect payment & subscriptions to Salesforce

  • Capture new & updated subscriptions
  • Transform Stripe Events into Attributes
  • Map to fields in Salesforce
  • Sync with Leads, Contacts & Accounts

Connect Stripe to Salesforce

Customizable HubSpot Salesforce integration

  • Filter & sync HubSpot Contacts to Salesforce
  • Control logic to Salesforce Leads & Contacts
  • Map fields between HubSpot & Salesforce
  • Manage HubSpot & Salesforce API limits

Connect HubSpot to Salesforce

Create Facebook Custom Audiences from Salesforce

  • Capture new & updated Leads & Contacts
  • Create Hull Segments with Salesforce Leads & Contacts
  • Map Hull Segments to Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Update Facebook Custom Audiences in real-time

Connect Salesforce to Facebook Custom Audiences

Map & filter Segment data reliably into Salesforce

  • Capture Segment identify & track calls
  • Unify data from Segment into Hull profiles
  • Map data to Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts
  • Automatically retry sending dropped data

Connect Segment to Salesforce

Customizable Clearbit for Salesforce

  • Filter Clearbit requests with Hull Segments
  • Integrate Enrichment, Prospector & Reveal
  • Map Clearbit data into Salesforce
  • Maximize the value of your Clearbit data

Connect Clearbit to Salesforce

Customer data platform for Salesforce ops and admins

Single customer view

Unify data about every lead, customer & company from all your tools, tracking & databases into User & Account Profiles - the single source of truth.

Unlimited Segmentation

Use any combination of attributes, events & event properties from different sources to query & segment both people & companies with Segments.

2-way sync in real-time

Map filter, filter segments & stream every update about people, companies & segments two-way between all your team’s tools with Integrations and more.

Fill-in-the-blanks in your Leads, Contacts & Accounts

Hull is a real-time data loader for Salesforce. Fetch data from all and any of your sources of lead & customer data and update your Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts.

  • SQL Importer (including data warehouses)
  • Google Sheets Importer
  • Marketing automation, email & live chat
  • Website & product analytics events
  • Data enrichment
  • Intent data
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How teams use Hull with Salesforce

CRM integration

Sync data seamlessly into Salesforce, HubSpot, Close, or your other CRM from all your tools, tracking & databases in real-time via Hull. See how to manage CRM integration on Hull.

Lead qualification

Connect to all your lead sources, then enrich, score & pre-qualify leads before syncing only best-fit, sales-ready leads to your CRM. See how to build lead qualification on Hull.

Single Source of Truth

Create an always up-to-date source of customer data to sync across all your tools with Hull's customer data platform. See how to build your single source of truth on Hull.

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Unify & sync your tools, teams & data in real-time from $450/month. Sign up and setup your first data flows now free for 14 days, or book a demo with a product expert.

Manage Salesforce API limits

Save and stay within Salesforce daily API limits without being charged more by channeling all your data updates through Hull’s real-time customer data platform.

Hull ingests updates from every data source but emits only “new” updates, intelligently handles any outgoing backpressure, and batches outbound notifications to minimize API calls.

Read our documentation on outgoing notifications

Plain JavaScript as a Salesforce APEX alternative

Hull Processor is an alternative tool to transform customer data if you’re constrained learning and using Salesforce APEX. With all your customer data in one place, you can edit your customer data in real-time with plain JavaScript.

  • Create & update attributes & events
  • Associate people with companies
  • Compute & increment scores
  • Call external APIs
Explore Hull Processor

Ingesting Salesforce Tasks inside Hull

Tasks are native objects inside Salesforce which can include calls, emails, meetings, and more depending on your particular Salesforce setup.

With Hull, you can ingest them as events and use them to refine your segments or to trigger workflows.

Read Salesforce documentation

Hull's Salesforce Documentation

Salesforce integration support

Data Object Hull Salesforce
People Users Leads, Contacts
Events Events Tasks
Companies Accounts Accounts

Hull's Salesforce data mapping enable you to sync Hull User & Account attributes with Salesforce Lead, Contact & Account fields, including custom fields.

Hull also captures and creates Tasks in Salesforce so you can react on them and automatically create them.

You can control which Hull Users are synced to Salesforce Contacts, Leads & Accounts with segments.

Using the Salesforce Connector

Hull connects to and authenticate with their Salesforce portal through oAuth.

Hull ingests data from the Salesforce connector through the Firehose API, fetching new updates automatically. Updates are synced immediately from Hull to Salesforce.

Read Salesforce documentation

Data engineering for Salesforce ops

Hull's customer data platform gives your data engineers a complete toolset to unify, transform, segment & sync data in-and-out of Salesforce and across all your tools real-time.

Thomas Plaindoux

We saved over $15,000 on Salesforce and doubled qualified leads. Customer success and sales are very, very happy. I can give them whatever information they want, and I don’t need a backend developer. Data is more reliable. We have more control.

Flexible platform for customer data engineering

Transform data in real-time

Write plain JavaScript to cleanse, transform & enrich in Processor.

Open Source Connectors

Fork, host & extend Hull’s collection of connectors on GitHub.

Build your own connectors

Integrate new tools with ease using Hull’s NodeJS libraries.

Use Hull as an AppExchange alternative

If native Salesforce integrations don’t exist, or lack the features you need, use Hull as your AppExchange alternative.

Connect tools into Hull with webhooks, connectors, APIs, and more, then sync the data you need into Salesforce in real-time. All whilst minimizing Salesforce API calls and storage costs.

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More than just a Salesforce integration

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data across all your tools and teams from one customer data platform.

Unified customer profiles to capture & show everything about each person & company without any limits or constraints.

Processor to transform your customer data in any way, in real-time. No more painful APEX code.

Segmentation tool to query your entire customer database, compute segments & filter data flows in real-time.

Integrations to map, filter & sync customer data across all your tools & databases without busting your Salesforce API limits.

Explore Hull's customer data platform

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