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Build a complete customer profile with your Segment data in Hull

Hull creates a customer profile and database from your Segment data streams. One “master” customer profile for every person and every account, built and updated from data in all your connected tools and databases.

With all the data captured and stored in one profile, you can then transform data, segment profiles, then pick-and-choose segments, profiles, and accounts to sync to all your tools - including back through Segment to 150+ tools.

With Hull + Segment together, you’ve complete control over your customer data. The choice combination by fast-growing startups, including Segment.com.

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What does Hull for Segment do?

Hull acts as a “Source” and a “Destination” in Segment - it both sends and receives data from Segment.

  • Creates, updates, and syncs users (Segment’s Identify API)
  • Creates, updates, and sync segments and accounts (Segment’s Group API)
  • Adds analytics events to the Hull user profile (from Segment’s Track and Page API)
  • Capture data from all Segment sources integrations (note: this isn’t every integration)
  • Sends data to all Segment destinations

Setup Hull’s Segment integration in minutes

It’s quick and easy to start seeing your Segment data flowing through Hull, and vice versa. Install the Connector connector to Hull, connect and configure in a few clicks, and get started right away. Request a demo and get started today.

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Real-time segmentation with your Segment data

Create live segments using any data on any customer profile in Hull - it’s like Google Instant Search for all your leads, customers, and accounts.

Precisely target each lead and customer. Combine data and types of data from any of your tools into live, up-to-date segments on Hull.

Then, sync these real-time, precision segments to all your tools. Hull keeps each segment up-to-date too with your latest data.

Popular segments include:

  • Lead qualification (including product qualified leads)
  • Email lists
  • Ad audiences
  • Live chat audiences
  • Web personalization audiences

Re-activate users with customer.io

  1. Implement a tracking tool on your website like the Hull.js library or Segment to capture your prospects' web activity on your website.
  2. Once you have fetched events and attributes on your Users, you can begin to create granular Segments within Hull. For example, you can create a segment called Inactive Trial Users with Users that went through onboarding but remained inactive in the last 7 days. You can create Segments on just about any characteristic or attribute about your prospects, or any behavioral web activity tracked. We like to use web page content as an indicator of topic of interest. For example, visitors that clicked on multiple blog posts about Reporting & Analytics may engage with other content you send them around that topic.
  3. In the Customer.io Connector Settings, you can enable this Segment to sync automatically with Customer.io (or other marketing automation platform).
  4. In Customer.io, trigger your email campaign to run when a User enters that Segment.

Sync data between all your sales, marketing, and customer-facing tools

Segment can track events and send those to tools, or take data from tools and sync it to a data warehouse. But sometimes, you need to sync data between your tools.

Hull’s integrations work two-way. Create and update both contacts and segments in messaging tools like Intercom, Mailchimp, and HubSpot, and return their updated profiles and events back to Hull. No one-way streets and “dead data”.

Don’t handicap real-time responses with sluggish data warehousing

Don’t dump your data into a customer data warehouse black hole. Customer data has a short lifespan for being actionable. Data warehousing is good for storage and analysis, but sucks for taking action there and then. Slow syncing means there’s often two versions of data in different tools - what is your team supposed to trust and depend on?

Customer data needs to be sorted and synced in near real-time to be useful. Triggering emails, personalizing live chat messages, updating ad audiences and so on can’t wait for your overnight re-sync. Keep all your tools and teams on the same page with fast data syncing and minimal setup with Hull and Segment - the modern customer data management combination.

Orchestrate your entire customer journey with Hull + Segment together

With Segment’s reach across your tools, and Hull’s ability to add customer data intelligence - transform, segment, and sync updated data across your profiles, segments, and accounts - you can orchestrate your entire customer journey with Hull + Segment together.

Command and control your customer data without a developer

Leave the hacking to Hull and Segment. Empower your teams with the same point-and-click ease you’re used to with Segment, in Hull. Click to connect tools, create segments, and configure your connectors to send just the profile data you specify.

Complete flexibility to transform your data

If you can write plain javascript code, Hull’s Processor let’s you transform any customer data. Compute scores, create and update traits and events. Format any data for any tool you’re using.

No technical resources on your team? Work with Hull’s solution engineers to transform your data how you need it.

Does Hull replace Segment?

No. The two tools are very complimentary.

Segment is your best-in-class tracking tool - track once, send anywhere. Hull is a customer data platform. Hull builds one “master profile” from all your data, then sorts, segments and syncs your profiles all your tools. Together, they solve two key components of the customer stack - the customer data management framework - without consuming dozens of developer hours.

Segment.com is a successful Hull customer. Here’s what their VP Growth, Guillaume Cabane has to say about Hull.

“Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically.”

Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth at Segment

Most Hull customer’s take their customer data management seriously. As a result, most Hull customer’s also use Hull + Segment together. Each company is different, and so is there data.

Book a live demo to learn how Hull + Segment can work for your company.

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