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Bring customer data to your team chat in Slack

Upgrade your Slack team chats with customer data from all your tools. Hull combines customer data from all your tools, and makes it available across all your tools - including Slack.

⟶ Learn How Hull Works

With Hull for Slack, get notifications and search for profiles inside Slack to bring the data to you and your team without logging into yet another tool.

What does Hull’s Slack connector do?

  • Notify a channel or a Slack User when a Hull User enters or leaves specific segments
  • Notify a channel or a Slack User when a Hull User performs specified actions
  • Search for any user in the Hull database and return it.
  • Add buttons that set values (like send_emails for instance) on a user, opening the door to triggered actions directly from Slack.

Setup Hull's Slack integration in minutes

It’s quick and easy to start seeing your customer profiles inside Slack. Install the Slack connector to Hull, connect and configure in a few clicks, and start seeing your customer data inside Slack. Request a demo and get started today.

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Notify your Slack channels about leads and customers

Build awareness and seize new opportunities without your teams having to log in anywhere new. Let the data and insights come to you.

Get notifications to Slack channels when people enter or leave segments you’ve created (like Demo Requests), or when they trigger certain events with different user actions.

Popular Slack team notifications include:

  • Demo requests
  • New paid subscriptions
  • Target account signup
  • Customer churn
  • Downtime alerts

Search for leads and customers from Slack

No more hunting around in different tools for the full story on each lead and customer.

With Hull for Slack, bring their profile to you on demand.

Enter a query like @hull ed@hull.io to return their complete customer profile inside of Slack.

Trigger actions in other tools from Slack

Add buttons to each profile inside of Slack to trigger additional actions on each person’s profile.

Click to update values on a Hull profile, then use this to power segments and workflows in all your other tools.

Unify your customer data today with Hull

Busy teams from Segment, Appcues, Mention, and more discovered how Hull worked for them with a personalized demo. Schedule your demo today.

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Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with Slack