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Upgrade all your tools with your SQL data

Sync product usage, legacy data and siloed SQL data to all your sales, marketing, and customer-facing tools. Hull combines customer data from all your tools and databases - including SQL - into one “master profile” and makes it available in across all your tools.

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With Hull for SQL, fetch data about people and accounts from your database and pull it into Hull. Then, transform it so it’s ready to be synced to all your other tools so you can enrich profiles, update segments, and power automated workflows.

What does Hull’s SQL connector do?

  • Read SQL data to create and update users
  • Read SQL data to create and update user traits

How does it work?

Hull for SQL is a read-only connector to import data from your SQL database.

  1. Install the SQL connector
  2. Login and connect your SQL database
  3. Follow the Hull guide to enter your SQL query and sync schedule
  4. Voila!

→ Read our full SQL connector setup documentation.

Setup Hull's SQL integration in minutes

Hull for SQL is safe and secure. You can also host the connector yourself. Learn more about your options with our SQL connector, and get setup today by requesting a demo.

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Fill-in-the-blanks from your SQL database

No need to ask your customers twice, or making do with empty fields. Use Hull for SQL to join and aggregate different tables with user attributes and actions, then transform and sync data to use in all your different tools.

  • Sync form entries to all your tools (without a maze of form handlers)
  • Update user profiles across all your tools and CRMs
  • Pre-fill forms and placeholders with known data
  • Progressively profile users across all your tools

Engage leads and trial customers with product usage data

Use real actions in your product to engage leads and trial customers with highly personalized messages. Transform SQL tables of user actions into native events in each tool you use using the Hull Processor. Then, feed sales and marketing new events to your other tools. Use those events to create and update segments, trigger workflows, and engage new and existing customers.

Popular use cases:

  • Enrich your CRM with product usage data
  • Product qualified leads for sales (from trial and low-value accounts)
  • Churn risk accounts for customer success
  • Notify customer success when an error is viewed
  • Trigger intelligent email, ad, and live chat workflows

Pull data back from your data warehouses

Data warehouses aren’t the end goal. Delivering action and insight is. Break away from boring, tedious and slow manual export and imports with Hull’s automated data warehouse sync. Turn your data warehouse into a rich source of data for all your other tools to use in your campaigns, segments, and workflows.

Bring old legacy data back to life

No more “dead data”. Sometimes, customer data get’s left by the wayside. Migration from old tools and databases leaves data lying in SQL databases. Bring this siloed data back into circulation with Hull for SQL so you can complete the picture of every customer.

Supports your favorite SQL connectors

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Amazon Redshift

Don’t see yours listed? Get in touch and request your Hull for SQL connector.

Dozens of recipes to leverage your customer data with SQL