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URL Shortener for Multi-channel Link Tracking

Finally solve the mystery of multi-channel tracking. Track anyone who clicks your link with Hull’s URL Shortener. Serve specific retargeting ads, track visitors, and get full visibility into the customer journey through the Hull Profile.

  • Shorten Your URL with Hull
    • Create short urls that redirect to your content with your favorite URL parameters & query strings
    • Automatically insert any number of pixels from ad platforms
    • Whitelist Hull for your tracking domain
  • Retarget on your favorite ad platforms
    • Build extremely specific custom audiences based on traffic from all your campaigns. For instance, you could now retarget on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin anyone who clicked on a link on your Twitter account or an email you sent!
  • Unify visitor activity in the Hull Profile
    • Clicks on the tracked URL automatically roll up in the user's Profile as an event called Redirect Link Clicked containing all the campaign tags, the source and the destination of the link. If the user has visited your website, of course those events will be linked to his profile. Talk about full Transparency!

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Full Visibility into the Customer Journey

Hull’s URL Shortener helps you bring the customer journey full-circle by tracking links - no matter the channel - and mapping it directly to their Profile in Hull. A Redirect Link Clicked event will be added to their Hull Profile where you can build segments, add to a custom ad audience in your favorite ad platform, and more.

Powerful Segmentation for Powerful Marketing

If you’ve ever wished for a way to retarget users on all your ad platforms by specific links they’ve clicked in addition to other highly specific activity and/or attributes, then Hull’s URL Shortener is the way to go. Harness the power of Hull today.

Get more out of your tech stack with Hull

With Hull's URL Shortener, you can now track link clicks from users, build even more specific segments, and retarget users from your favorite pixels.

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