Hull Customer Case Studies

Who and how data-driven teams have seen success with Hull

Customer data is used across your business with different teams and tools. So any change in customer data to one tool or team has a cascading impact on the rest. The results Hull customer’s achieve may surprise you.



Oz Content increased marketing-sourced qualified leads 20X (2000%)

Hull enabled Oz Content to create and sync hyper-targeted segments to all their marketing tools, and engage with highly personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

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Segment automated personalized account-based marketing at scale

Hull enabled Segment to add over $10,000/day in net new revenue with account-based marketing at scale. Using Hull, their sales team would orchestrate data flows between reverse IP, prospecting, and enrichment tools - the "Reveal Loop" - so they could engage best-fit accounts who visited their website at scale.

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Lead qualification

Lengow automated lead qualification and fixed their 50% drop off in responses to demo requests

Hull enabled Lengow to automatically enrich, qualify and notify sales of new best-fit demo requests, so their sales team could respond promptly and spend their time with the right accounts.

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Lead Qualification

Appcues automated product qualified leads and removed 30% of leads from their sales pipeline

Hull enabled Appcues to identify best-fit accounts who were getting value from the product during their free trial, giving sales the right conversation starters with the right accounts.

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Mention doubled their qualified leads and saved over $15,000 on Salesforce

Hull enabled Mention to better manage their data flows into their CRM, delivering more qualified leads, without sending a firehose of data that Salesforce charges to sync and store.

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Hull is a customer data platform. It sits at the heart of your customer stack.

Connect and combine data from all your tools and databases into a unified customer profile. Transform, enrich, cleanse, and segment profiles, then sync across all your tools in real-time.

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