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How SaaS teams use Hull

Learn how SaaS teams use Hull to unify their data, integrate their marketing stack, and leverage new growth opportunities.

Myagi taps into user journeys with Hull

"We previously had to write our own scripts to sync this data across which required extensive engineering effort to build and maintain. Hull provides all of this with a few simple clicks. With all of our data now in one place, we are able to see every interaction we've had with our users and they've had with our platform." - Denny Vuong, Software Engineer & Co-founder

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Privateaser increases revenue & sales-marketing alignment with Hull

“Hull has connected our entire tech stack, which has unlocked enormous potential. Having our data in one place has eliminated instances of conflicting outreach by sales and marketing, significantly reduced the amount of work to launch new marketing campaigns and enabled smarter customer segmentation.” - Benjamin Malartic, VP Product

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Spendesk makes sales outreach & data management smarter with Hull

“From sales to customer success, we now have access to data in real time that allows us to work much smarter. Thanks to Hull, we now have the power to connect and manage our data and can easily take action off what it tells us.” - Joe Gates, Sales Operations Manager

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Criteria Corp introduces account-based selling with Hull

"Without Hull, a lot of inbound leads would get lost between our go-to-market systems. We would have to do bulk imports and exports and de-duplication all day long, and there would be a lot of human error along the way that would cause discrepancies in our data." - Mark Pachulski, Sales Development Manager

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Gorgias improves account insight and ROI attribution with Hull

“Hull provides transparency into valuable data that we can actually trust. After setting up our attribution process in Hull, it became increasingly easier to monitor data accuracy and progressively let the tool do the work.” - Axelle Heems, Growth Operations

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Drift uses Hull to orchestrate account-based marketing & compute multi-touch attribution

"Aligning customer audiences across multiple tools is a pain that all marketing & growth teams face. Because Hull centralizes the data store & segmentation engine we've reduced campaign overhead dramatically." - Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth

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Mention doubled their qualified leads and saved over $15,000 on Salesforce

"My aim is to have full control of our business-critical data flows. And this was barely possible before using Hull. Now, we have this control." - Thomas Plaindoux, Data Operations Manager

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Appcues uses Hull to create product qualified leads & increase sales conversions by 70%

"Sales conversion rate increased 70%, average sale price increased 25%, and ARR closed in the quarter increased 60% over our 4Q’17 levels. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars converted to ARR." - Jack Moberger, Marketing Operations and Strategy

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Lengow fixed a 50% demo drop-off rate with Hull

Hull enabled Lengow's marketing team to automatically enrich, qualify and notify sales of new best-fit demo requests, so their sales team could respond promptly and spend their time with the right accounts. Lengow’s marketing team uses Hull to enrich their leads, pre-qualify then sync directly to their CRM where their sales reps can take action. Since Hull syncs in real-time, and makes sure all the data is included & mapped correctly into their preferred CRM, sales started to trust leads from marketing again.

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Hull “made data-driven marketing finally possible” for ConversionXL

"Hull was a game changer for us. Combining and merging data from various tools made data-driven marketing finally possible. If you're a B2B company and not using Hull, you're seriously missing out. The ROI on this is insane." - Peep Laja, CEO

Watch Peep teach conversion practitioners about using Hull & customer data platforms.

Oz Content increased marketing qualified leads by 20X (2000%) in two months

"The biggest benefit of Hull is it is the core infrastructure we use to work off of everything. It's where we do all of our enrichment activities and then push that data HubSpot and Salesforce and as well as web forms." - Matt Lovett, CEO

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Pollfish “haven't once regretted adding Hull as the center piece of our martech stack.”

"I recommend Hull to every marketer I meet. Easily unify any disparate data from existing silos using their prepackaged integrations, augment that data with third party data, then push any slice of that data into any other platform to enable advanced segmentation and personalization. Best of all, you don't need a developer to do it - marketers can own this entire process."

Orchestrate all your tools, teams & data with Hull

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data across all your tools and teams from one customer data platform.

Unified customer profiles to capture & show everything about each person & company.

Processor to transform your customer data in any way, in real-time.

Segmentation tool to query your entire customer database, compute segments & filter data flows in real-time.

Integrations to map, filter & sync customer data across all your tools & databases.

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