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How Hull can be Dataiku's next growth engine

Unify data about all your leads & customers and act on it in real-time

Hello Dataiku ๐Ÿ‘‹

... and hello Alivia!

We'd love to share with you how Hull can work at Dataiku to unify all your lead & customer data across all your tools.

On deduplicating your contacts

Alivia mentioned challenges with many duplicate contacts in Salesforce (filtering through to HubSpot too).

Hull has to merge people (Users), companies (Accounts), and the relationships between them, then sync across many tools - inheriting whatever tools, data, and logic.

To do this, we have identity resolution algorithms. You can see how this works in our Data Lifecycle documentation. In summary, Users are merged according to:

  1. external_id - a "highest order" identifier set by an external system
  2. email - email address
  3. anonymous_id - all other identifiers from other systems

If you have a "leading system" where these are correctly associated and that system has an identifier, you can import those identifiers and relationships into Hull and propagate the associations to all your tools.

Build-vs-buy for customer data integration at scale

The problem has to be solved real-time to ensure data is always the most complete, most up-to-date version in all your tools - so no sales rep, marketing workflow, or other logic is left behind.

To do this, you need to ingest high (variable) volumes of data, resolve identities, index only detected changes and person-company associations, run re-computations over the entire effected index (like segmentation), then propagate any updates (excluding null updates) to multiple services in micro-batches (to prevent flooding their APIs) via queueing system with automated retries (in case the end service is down) with full logging and transparency over each step.

As soon as you move beyond data integration (syncing two tools together) to data unification (synchronizing a system of tools), these are the types of steps to follow.

Hull's customer data platform maintains all these steps.

How much does Hull cost?

Hull starts at $450/month for 3-connector plans (perfect for integrating tools) with data unification plans (5 conenctors and up) from $950/month.

I'd love to get started

Great! Let's talk - we're real lizards humans!

Hull is a real-time customer data platform for B2B

Single customer view

Unify data about every lead, customer & company from all your tools, tracking & databases into User & Account Profiles - the single source of truth.

Unlimited Segmentation

Use any combination of attributes, events & event properties from different sources to query & segment both people & companies with Segments.

2-way sync in real-time

Map filter, filter segments & stream every update about people, companies & segments two-way between all your teamโ€™s tools with Integrations and more.

Connect Intercom

Map, filter & sync Users, Leads, Segments & Conversations in Intercom with User & Account Profiles & Segments in Hull via the Intercom integration. Read our Intercom documentation.

Connect HubSpot

Map, filter & sync Contacts, Companies & Lists in HubSpot with User & Account Profiles & Segments in Hull via the HubSpot integration. Learn more in our HubSpot documentation.

Enrich with Clearbit

Enrich User & Account Profiles in Hull with data from Clearbit Enrichment, Prospector, Discovery & Reveal APIs via the Clearbit integration. Learn more in our Clearbit documentation.

Connect SQL databases

Query your SQL database for customer data at timed intervals you define & import detected changes into Hull User & Account Profiles via the SQL Importer.

Connect Segment

Capture Identify, Track, Page & Group calls into Hull as a Segment Destination to update Hull Users & Accounts, and sync data from Hull as a Segment Source via the Segment integration. Learn more in our Segment documentation.

Connect Salesforce

Map, filter & sync Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce with User & Account Profiles & Segments in Hull via the Salesforce integration. Learn more in our Salesforce documentation.

Case studies & testimonials

How do SaaS teams use Hull?

See what Hull customers have to say about how they're using Hull - including their presentations, videos & own blog posts.

Explore Hull's Customer Library

Mention doubled their qualified leads and saved over $15,000 on Salesforce

"My aim is to have full control of our business-critical data flows. And this was barely possible before using Hull. Now, we have this control." - Thomas Plaindoux, Data Operations Manager

Read the case study

Solve hard HubSpot data integration problems

Hull is the customer data platform for B2B Companies. With the flexibility of code, the real-time data capabilities, the security & scalability of a customer data platform like Hull, you can solve common HubSpot data integration problems beyond HubSpot's Connect apps:

  • Send data from your SQL backend (like a Redshift data warehouse) to Hubspot
  • Fetch Hubspot marketing email events like Email Opened and Email Clicked and use them to trigger workflows in Hull and your other tools
  • Sync data across all your tools whilst respecting HubSpot API limits
  • Trigger actions across multiple tools by capturing HubSpot Workflow webhooks
  • Define multi-touch attribution models and send the results to HubSpot
Read Hull's documentation

More than just data enrichment

Hull sits at the heart of your marketing tech stack. Unify, transform, segment, and sync customer data across all your tools and teams from one customer data platform.

Unified customer profiles to capture & show everything about each person & company, including all your data enrichment sources.

Processor to transform your customer data in any way, in real-time.

Segmentation tool to query your entire customer database, compute segments & filter data flows in real-time.

Integrations to map, filter & sync customer data across all your tools & databases.

Explore Hull's customer data platform