Connectors are integrations between Hull and external data sources such as:

Connector Limits

The number of Connectors in your Hull Organization is limited by your billing plan.

You can view the full list of Hull Connectors here. Hull Connectors are also Open Source, and available to be self-hosted.

How Connectors Work

Connectors sync Users, Accounts, Events, Attributes, and Segment data into Hull, out of Hull, or both. To sync data into Hull, Connectors send data to the Firehose API to ingest. To sync data out of Hull, Connectors subscribe to updates published by the Notification API.

Note: Connectors are not the only method of syncing data in or out of Hull.

Using Connectors in Hull

Connectors and their status can be viewed through the Overview page in the Hull dashboard. There, you can install new Connectors through the Connector Gallery.

Each Connector has an individual Overview page. Here you can view:

  • Overview - See traffic, attributes collected, and notifications of errors in Connector data flows
  • Settings - Configure data flows by mapping Segments, Attributes & Events, managing identifiers, and name/describe each Connectors behavior.
  • Logs - View and query logs for a Connector
  • Credentials - manage authentication and connection with each service
  • Code Editor - view, write, edit & delete code to operate on the Connector
  • Workspace - custom configuration for a Connector.

The exact setup varies between types of Connectors.

Hull Connector