User Events are actions tracked on Users. They occur exactly once per action. User Events cannot be replayed.

Account Events are not supported today.

User Events are composed of a:

  • Event name
  • Timestamp
  • Set of properties
  • Context (e.g. IP address, location)
  • Source connector_id (e.g. Mailchimp)

User Events are captured via:

  • Connectors (e.g. Email opened in HubSpot)
  • hull.track() calls (e.g. Hull.js and custom events from Processor code)
  • Bulk import.

Examples of User Events include:

  • Page viewed
  • Form submitted
  • Demo requested
  • Email replied
  • Redirect link clicked

User Events can be used to:

User Events are displayed in the right hand column in User Profiles, as a timeline.

Events limits

Event retention depends on your billing plan. Events will be deleted from your Hull Organization after your period.