Incoming Data

Data can flow through Hull in two-ways. Incoming data is any data that is flowing from another tool or database into Hull.

Incoming data needs to be matched with Users or Accounts in Hull. Identifiers within the incoming data are matched with identifiers in Hull - this is called identity resolution.

Once it has been associated with a User or Account (or a new User or Account has been created), the incoming data will update the profile. It can then be transformed with Processor, used for to create and update User & Account Segments, and mapped to other tools via Connectors.

Ingestion of data is usually real-time, though there can be delays if there are a substantial number of requests in the incoming queue. Incoming data also creates Update Notifications to external services which can trigger more incoming data.

Incoming data is logged and shown in the logs and on each profiles log as incoming.user|account.success|skip|error. This will show the status of any incoming request.

Successful incoming requests are counted towards your monthly metered billing.

Learn more about Data Ingestion in the Hull data lifecycle.