Outgoing Data

Data can flow through Hull in two-ways. Outgoing data is any data that is flowing from Hull to another tool or database.

Outgoing data needs to be mapped from Hull Users & Accounts to objects in other tools (like Salesforce Leads, Contacts & Accounts, and HubSpot Contacts & Companies). This involves matching up identifiers in Hull with identifiers in other tools.

You can control what data is going out with Connectors. This involves whitelisting User & Account Segments, whitelisting Events, and mapping attributes to other tools.

Outgoing data passes from Hull’s platform to Hull’s connectors where they are formatted and queued for syncing to the target system. Syncing from Hull platform to connectors is usually immediate. Syncing from connectors to your target system is throttled by rate limits.

Outgoing data can create more incoming data to be processed by triggering other connectors, for instance the Processor.

Outgoing data is logged and shown in the logs and on each profile as outgoing.user|account.success|skip|error. This will show the status of any outgoing request.

Learn more about creating Outgoing Notifications in the Hull Data Lifecycle.