Segments are used to group together Users or Accounts with a common set of Attributes and Events. Segments are used to:

  • Whitelist Users and Accounts to sync to Connectors
  • Use as native segments, audiences, views, and lists in 3rd party tools
  • Save common queries in the Hull Dashboard

Segment Limits

The number of segments allowed in your Hull Organization depend on your billing plan.

Creating & Updating Segments

You can build Users Segments through Users tab, and Account Segments through the Accounts tab in the dashboard. Segments are built in the Segmentation Tool at the top of the Users and Accounts list.

The Segmentation Tool enables you to

  • Query User and Account Attributes
  • Query User Events and Event Properties
  • Combine AND / OR logic

Segments updated whenever a member User or Account is updated, or every six hours if it contains a relative time component (e.g. Last seen less than 7 days ago).