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Calendly Connector

The Calendly Connector receives real time events from Calendly as invitees create, cancel, and reschedule events.

Getting Started

In order to use the connector, go to the settings and authorize the connector against the Hull-Calendly App.

The webhooks to receive invitee events will be automatically created and the connector will immediately begin to receive any subsequent meeting requests and cancellations as Hull events.


The identity of invitees will be determined by the email entered by the invitee. This is not configurable.

Invitee Events


  • Define which Calendly Events will be fetched by the connector. By default, the connector will receive all events available: invitee.created and invitee.canceled. Events that are rescheduled are received as these two separate events.
Topic Description Connector Action
invitee.created Invitee created a meeting Create a new event “invitee.created”
invitee.canceled Invitee cancelled a meeting Create a new event “invitee.canceled”

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