Close Connector Documentation Two-Way Sync with Close CRM Leads & Contacts

Hull Connector

The Connector enables your team to synchronize accounts and users from Hull to leads and contacts in your system.

Getting Started

Go to the Connectors page of your Hull organization, click the button “Add Connector” and click “Install” on the card. After installation, go to the Settings tab and enteryour API Key: Getting Started Step 1

Press the Save button to securely store your key and refresh the page to allow the Connector to fetch all information from

Please refer to the sections below for details about specific parts of the configuration.

Specify the Accounts and Users to synchronize

The Connector fetches updates for all leads and contacts from automatically. By default no accounts and users are sent from Hull to, you need to customize this behavior first and explicitly define the segments. Go to the “Settings” tab of the connector and locate the section “Configuration”. Specify the segments in the following field: Whitelisted segments

Specify the lead status for new leads

You can determine the lead status explicitely that Hull uses when creating new leads in If you don’t define a status, will apply its default logic to determine the status. You can modify the lead status in the “Settings” tab of the connector in the section “Configuration” by selecting the desired status from the dropdown: Lead creation status

Determine the Attributes to synchronize

You can customize the attributes which are getting synchronized with in the sections “Leads Data Mapping” and “Contacts Data Mapping” of the “Settings” tab: Define Data Mappings The Connector automatically synchronizes the name and domain from Hull accounts to leads. For users only the name is automatically synchronized with contacts.

Phones, emails and urls are lists in, Hull will synchronize these lists and flatten them by type. If you have a contact with two emails, one of type office and another one with type home, the user in Hull will get two attributes email_office and email_home.

Unsupported fields: leads have opportunities associated with them, however this field is not supported when synchronizing data with Hull.

Find your API key

In your application click on your name in the top right corner, select Settings and choose Your API Keys. On the API Keys page you can either copy+paste an existing key or generate a new one: Find your API key

Get a customized demo

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