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The Connector enables your team to synchronize users from Hull with to automate customer lifecycle emails and campaigns.

Getting Started

Receiving Email activity from

To receive customer activity from you need to tell to send events to Hull when something happens Start by opening the Setup tab in Hull, and copying the generated Webhook URL Copy Hull Webhook URL

Then go to 1. Click on “Integrations” 2. Click on “Email Activity Webhooks” 3. Paste the URL you copied in the box. Check all event types below it. 4. Click on the button “Send Test” and save your changes if the symbol indicates success. Paste in

Sending User Profiles and Events to

  1. Head to the “ API” section in credentials, and copy the Site ID and API Key. Copy Credentials in Copy Credentials in
  2. In Hull, open the Settings Tab of your connector, Scroll down to the “Configuration” and fill in the Credentials Paste Credentials in Hull

Here you can determine the whitelisted segments which a user needs to belong to in order to send it to If you don’t specify any segments, no user will be send to

You can also determine how to handle when a user leaves a segment. When you enable user deletion, the Connector will automatically remove users from if they no longer belong to any of the whitelisted segments.

Furthermore, you can specify which events shall be send to by selecting the events from the dropdown list.

Sending Anonymous Events

You can also activate Anonymous Events, which is an advanced feature in If you are not familiar with this feature, you can read more in’s own documentation.

The most important decision you have to make here is which user attribute to send as the **customerId** to which is the unique identifier within Our recommendation is to either use the external_id if you assign your own identifier to users in Hull or use the Hull id.

The last step of the setup is to specify the fields to send from Hull to Getting Started Step 3


The connector allows you to synchronize users from Hull with persons in to automate customer lifecycle emails and campaigns. You can also forward events/activities from Hull to to use this behavior data to trigger powerful workflows to send emails, SMS and more.

You can also feed events related to email activity back from into Hull to leverage this information in your other connected tools.

The Connector supports to update traits and create events.

How to obtain your credentials

Navigate to your dashboard and locate the “Integrations” item on the menu to the left side of your screen. Click on the button “Settings” next to API: Credentials Step 1

Note down the “Site ID” and “API Key” from the following page: Credentials Step 2

How to determine which events sends to Hull

Optionally, You can choose to limit the events Hull will receive from The list of all events is available in the docs under

To customize this events, navigate to your dashboard, select “Integrations” from the menu to the left side of your screen and click the button “Settings” next to Email Activity Webhook: Webhook Events Step 1

On the next page, you can select the events you want to receive from the list and save your changes: Webhook Events Step 2