Hull ♥ Mailchimp

Upgrade Mailchimp with data from your other tools with Hull

Mailchimp lets you email your contact. You can trigger and track all your email opens, clicks and interactions back into your contacts profiles, and then use this data to trigger more messages.

Mailchimp data can include:

  • Identities (name, email, company, location…)
  • Segments (“Leads”, “New Paying Customers”, “Job Title - CEOs”)

You can also add some onsite event tracking (logged in, account created, subscribed…) by linking other tools within Mailchimp like Google Analytics.

With Hull, you can upgrade Mailchimp with data from other tools

Hull gives a more complete, powerful way to integrate data from many other tools and databases. You can use all your data together to create scores, trigger automation (like Mailchimp Autoresponders) and define personalisation.

  • Upgrade Mailchimp with behavioural data from Mixpanel
  • Enrich Mailchimp profiles with data from Clearbit
  • Trigger Mailchimp Autoresponders with Slack commands and buttons
  • Personalise Mailchimp emails with data from Salesforce
  • Trigger Mailchimp Autoresponders with purchase history from Shopify

Power other tools with Mailchimp data

With Hull, you can also power other tools with this Mailchimp data. Share and sync your contact data and email analytics from Mailchimp to do things like:

  • Power Salesforce contact records
  • Trigger Slack notifications
  • Sync Mailchimp lists with HubSpot
  • Sync Mailchimp lists with Optimizely
  • Sync Mailchimp lists with Facebook Custom Audiences

More power and control over your Mailchimp data

Hull also gives you more flexibility with your data in Mailchimp. Combine multiple sources of data to create advanced segments (without the limits to AND and OR, or types of data) and user scores using all your data.

  • No APIs to tap into
  • No code needed
  • No import/export
  • No complexity
  • No repetitive segment and autoresponder creation


  • Click the “Continue with Mailchimp” button, follow the instructions to add your users to Mailchimp.
  • The Ship does NOT import users from Mailchimp in Hull. Sync is one-way for now.
  • Optionally, only send a specific set of Users to Mailchimp with the Filtered Segments field