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Typeform integration


After connector installation click “Workspace” button and then “Continue with Typeform”. This will trigger an OAuth authorization flow. You will be redirected to your Typeform account with information about requested permissions. Pay attention to the information which Typeform account will be linked, if needed use “Choose a different account.” to switch to the correct one. Click “Accept” - you will be redirected back to Hull dashboard.


When connector is successfully authorized please go to settings tab and select the form you want to fetch using the dropdown field. After this operation please save connector settings and reload it to proceed with other settings.

User Identification

There are two ways of identifying user fetched into Hull. First is to use one of the fields from the form as email address. To use it go to the connector settings and pick an email field from the dropdown (only email type fields are selectable).

Other option to reconcile user identities is to setup your Typeform’s to embed Hidden Fields. We recognize the following fields automatically:

  • anonymous_id - The User’s anonymous ID. Use this to reconcile to anonymous web traffic.
  • external_id - The User’s Id in your own database
  • hull_id - The User’s Hull Id
  • email - The user’s email

To enable this, don’t forget to enable Hidden fields as follows in your Form:

Hidden Fields Setup

To configure hidden fields, click on the URL that appears as the topmost box in the Build tab of Typeform

See how Hull works

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