Hull Webhooks

This Ship sends user updates as Webhooks


  • Go to Settings, Enter the Webhook URL (you can input more than one)
  • Define conditions for User to be sent

Configuring the Webhooks connector

There are two sections in Hull’s Settings tab to help you define which users will be sent as POST webhooks.

The first section has a Segments filter.

It defines who will be sent. An empty list sends no one. To start, create a User segment defining who should be sent. This is a global filter, the conditions below will only be checked only if the User matches this filter.

The Second section defines additional conditions to send a user. User will be sent as soon as one of these conditions match.

  • On any update (if activated)
  • When entering and/or leaving a given segment
  • When a specific property changes
  • When A specific event is performed.

When one or more of these conditions are fullfilled, a complete payload comprised of:

  "user": "The Entire User profile with all attributes",
  "segments": "Every segment the User belongs to, as objects containing unique Segment IDs",
  "changes": "Every change that caused this user to be recomputed",
  "events": "The events that triggered the send, if any" //optional