What can be replayed

Intro Paragraph explaining what can be replayed:

  • Users
  • Accounts

How they can be triggered

  • Dashboard Screenshots

Replaying many users / accounts

  • selecting a user || account segment
  • selecting specific users manually

Replaying one user / account

  • from the User / account detail page

Where it can be replayed

  • connector support
  • We could auto-build a list of supported connectors for User & Account batches, with links to their indiviudal docs an the behaviour of a replay in this specific connector

What will be Included

  • i.e. no Events

How Replays ignore the segment filters of a connector

  • General rule on Segment filters in connectors and how they interact with replayed users

When it will go out

  • i.e. only after recomputation of a new segment is complete

How to monitor

  • i.e. link to Logs and screenshots on what’s visible