Deactivating ConnectorsUpdated 09/12/2019

When / Why pause a connector?

  • When you install a new connector. Before fetching and sending data, pause the connector first, then configure the settings and make sure everyone in your org agrees on the set-up. Then, you can activate the connector to start the data flows
  • Whenever you see invalid data being sent to or from the 3rd party service. When a connector is paused you can safely adjust it's settings, push sample users to confirm the correctness of data and enable the connector again when ready.

How to activate/deactivate a connector

At any time after installation, connectors can be paused. This will stop processing any user updates, user events or account updates.

To pause a connector, go to the connector overview page and click on the button Deactivate connector below the name: desactivate connector

A modal will be displayed with the possibility to commit a message: Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 15.12.41 (1)

1) The Updates in the Outgoing Backlog will be dropped.

The connector will DROP any outgoing backlog. This can prove useful if you need to clear a large, invalid backlog.

At any time, you can go to the User List and replay some segments manually, if you want to backfill some data, but since we don't replay Events, those will be lost.

2) When a connector is paused it will also DROP any incoming records which won't be stored nor processed by our platform. The incoming traffic will be only ingested again when the connector is resumed.

Most of the synchronization connectors allow you to perform full fetch of objects from the 3rd party service which depending on the connector can backfill information about Users and Account but some of User Events may not be replayable that way.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️: There are certain incoming records which may not be recoverable even if "fetch all" operation is available on certain connectors

3) When a connector is paused, it still can process manual batches of users or accounts sent to it. Connector settings can be changed as usual, and if available, the connector can be re-authorized against the 3rd party service.

To activate again a connector, go back to the connector overview page and click on the button Activate connector below the name of the connector: activate connector

Once again you will be shown another modal asking you to commit a message: Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 15.14.49