Linking Intercom Visitors and Hull.js tracking together with the website connectorUpdated 29/12/2019

When using Intercom to handle Visitors, you need to perform an additional step to properly resolve Intercom identities and Website Visitors identities, so that the last_seen_at properties and event tracking are captured accurately.

Doing this will allow Hull to link the Visitors in Intercom to the anonymous visitors on your website. This will enable Hull to enrich Intercom Vistors, as well as resolve those visitors to the right Users in Hull, hence properly computing Session data.

Install the Website Connector

This guide assumes that you are using Website Connector and hull.js to track your website traffic. If you still need to install the connector follow this guide first.

Load Initialization script from Intercom connector

Go to Website connector instance, navigate to the Settings page and set up the following configuration parameters:

  • Enable Run on initialization
  • Add as entry in External scripts to run on initialization


Get back to work...

That's all, now the tracking of hull.js and Intercom are combined.

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