Syncing Intercom data with HullUpdated 13/12/2019

With Hull's Intercom connector, you can ingest People's attributes and events in Hull.

People are one of the main object of Intercom and is broken down into Visitors, Users and Leads. They are all imported as Users in Hull.

A Visitor is a logged-out user who came to the website and did not start a conversation. It will be flagged with the attribute intercom/anonymous = true

A User is a logged in user who came to the website but did not start a conversation. There is no attribute in particular to flag that object.

A Lead is a logged in user who started a conversation with Intercom. It will be flagged with the attribute intercom/is_lead = true

How to ingest Intercom data in Hull

Once you have installed your Intercom connector and have authenticated, go to the Incoming data section.

Then, click on the Add a new item button to add a new attribute to ingest. Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 11.44.23

Two dropdowns will pop-up: one to select the Intercom attribute to fetch on the left, another one to select the corresponding Hull attribute to match. Add as many attributes as you need.

You can either map Intercom attributes to existing attributes in Hull or to custom attributes. You can create custom attributes directly from the dropdown on the right.

custom attribute mapper

Once you have configured the mapper, you can go back to the Overview page of the connector. Then, click on the Credentials & Actions button and hit the Fetch All Leads and Fetch All Users buttons to ingest your Intercom People in Hull.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 11.49.17

Intercom Events Capture

The following Intercom events are automatically captured for every user:

List of Outreach events List of Outreach events
User replied to conversation Customer or lead replies
Admin replied to conversation Admin conversation replies
Admin started conversation Admin initiated 1:1 conversation
Admin assigned conversation Admin conversation assignments
Admin opened conversation Admin opens conversation
Admin closed conversation Admin closes conversation
User created Customer creations
Added Tag User being tagged
Removed Tag User being untagged. Not for bulk deletions.
User started conversation Customer or lead initiated message