Syncing Mailchimp data with HullUpdated 11/12/2019

Hull's Mailchimp connector allows ingesting lists of contacts from Mailchimp into Hull. A list in Mailchimp is like an audience.

How to import Mailchimp lists in Hull?

Once you have installed the connector and authenticated, go to the Select List section.

Inside that Select List section, choose the list from which you want to import Contacts.

Once you have selected your list, click on the Save Changes button on the top right of the page.


⚠️ Warning ⚠️

You can select only one list. If you wish to import other lists from Mailchimp, you will need to reinstall the connector and select an other list.

Then, to trigger the full fetch of your Mailchimp list, go to the Fetch data from Mailchimp section and hit the Fetch list button:


You have now Contacts from Mailchimp as Users in Hull!