How to manually replay Users and Accounts to destinationsUpdated 21/11/2019

Replaying users or accounts in Segments to a destination

Segments of Users and Accounts are synchronized whenever they are listed inside the connectors of your destination. This process occurs automatically whenever there is an update on a User or an Account who is belonging to one of those segments.

However, you can choose to force that behaviour by manually pushing segments inside the destination of your choice. We call that process "sending a manual batch".

To do so, in the Users or Accounts tab, select the segment of your choice.

Then, hit the Send to button on the top right of the page. A dropdown will appear with all the possible destinations based on the connectors you connected to Hull.

Simply click on the destination of your choice and then click on the confirmation dialog to confirm. It will send the Users and Accounts of the selected segment inside the destination.

manual batches

Sending a single User to a destination

You can send individual Users to any Connector through their Profile (instead of creating Segments to include them, and then syncing entire Segments).

On the profile, click the Send to button to open the dropdown and select the connector you want to sync the User to. Click the confirmation dialog to confirm.


How to monitor synchronisation

The logs inside the connectors of your destination will be very useful to monitor the synchronization. For instance, if you see an outgoing.user.skip in the logs, that means that the user will not be synchronized to the third party tool. You will have the reason why in the column entitled "data" on the right.

Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 16.35.34

⚠️ Warning ⚠️:

  • For some connectors like Salesforce, the manual push will only work if the selected segment or the segment to which the selected user belongs is whitelisted inside the connector of your destination. Please refer to the documentation of your connector to know how it specifically handles manual batches.

  • Events on the user or on the users inside the segment will not be replayed in the destination

  • The users will go out whenever recomputation of the new segment is complete