Updating Intercom Users with data from HullUpdated 13/12/2019

You can update People in Intercom by sending out the corresponding Hull User with its attributes and events.

How to update People in Intercom?

Once you have installed your Intercom connector and authenticated, go to the Outgoing data section.

Select the segments of Users that you want to send inside the User filter dropdown. A User that does not belong to one of these segments will not be sent out to Intercom.

Then, select the attributes that you want to send to Intercom. You can do so under the Send attributes to Intercom paragraph:

First, click on the Add a new item button:

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 12.45.45

Then, two dropdowns will pop up: one to choose a Hull attribute on the left. Another one on the right to select the corresponding Intercom attribute. Add as many attributes as you need.

Note that you can select an attribute on the Account level to send to an Intercom People.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 12.49.42

Last, select the events on the User in Hull that you want to send to Intercom. They will be added under the Total Events section of the User in Intercom.

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 12.54.32

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

  • The segments a User belongs to in Hull will be added as tags inside the Intercom profile of the User. If a User does not belong to a segment anymore, his tags section will be updated accordingly.