Updating Mailchimp Users and Lists with Data from HullUpdated 13/12/2019

Update your Contacts in Mailchimp Lists with updated data on the Users in Hull.

How to update Contact Lists in Mailchimp with data from Hull

Once you have installed the Mailchimp connector and authenticated, go to the User Filter section. This section allows you to select the segments of Users that you want to send out.

A User will be sent to Mailchimp as a Contact only if he belongs to one of the listed segments.

You can choose to select All Users if you want to send all your Users.


Then, indicate how you want Hull attributes to be mapped with Mailchimp fields. To do so, go to the Outgoing Sync section and click on the Edit the mapping button. You will be shown the list of attributes inside your organization. Select them one by one or select all the attributes from a given connector by selecting the checkbox next to the name of the connector.


The attributes will automatically populate in the left column. Then, in the right column, select the Mailchimp fields to map to each of the attributes:

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 16.21.16

You're all set to send data out! When a User is updated in Hull, changes will be synced to Mailchimp. If you want to update the entire database you can go to the User List, and Replay any given audience segment to force an immediate update