EventsUpdated 03/01/2019

The Processor allows you to generate Events based on javascript code - this way you can emit new milestone events from your existing data. For instance when something changes in a specific way

You can track User Events in Hull with the hull.track() call.

Warning: Tracking calls need to be enclosed in an if statement to prevent possible infinite loops (which count towards your billable quota). Tracking events trigger a new User Update which will trigger Processor to run again and track another event.

There are a maximum of 10 tracking calls per Processor or Incoming Webhook.

You can track Events, and include Event Properties as an object in the second parameter, as follows:

// Make sure to include an if statement
// To prevent billable infinite loops
if () {
    hull.track( "<event_name>" , {
        PROPERTY_NAME: <value>,
        PROPERTY2_NAME: <value>