Status MonitorUpdated 31/07/2019

The status monitor is available on the overview page of your organization. It shows you in one single place the state of key components responsible for processing your data efficiently.


All incoming records coming from connectors, website tracking or imports are processed by the platform to discover attributes and segment changes to eventually send it out to all relevant connectors. The latency you see on the status monitor is the upper time limit it can take on average for a single user, event or account to be fully processed.

Fully processed changes are visible in the dashboard on the segment preview, on the user or account profile and is queued on all connectors backlogs as well.

The status monitor currently shows observed delays rounded to 15 minutes - so 10 minutes delay will be reported as < 15 minutes while 19 minutes delay will be reported as < 30 minutes. Also, it reports 24 hours history with all occurrences of latency exceeding a threshold. Currently, we apply the following thresholds:

  • < 15 minutes - OK - green
  • 15 - 60 minutes - WARNING - yellow
  • > 60 minutes - CRITICAL - red

NOTICE: as for now, reported platform delays do not include the time a connector needs to pick up changes from external service. Some changes are transferred via webhooks which do not cause significant delays, but some require polling 3rd party API on a predefined time interval. Most of the connectors have an interval hardcoded while some allow to adjust it in the settings. The actual value can differ, but the default we apply for most connectors is 5 minutes.

Read more about ingestion


Connectors integrate your Hull organization with all external services or sources of data. They are not only responsible for sending out updates, but also to detect and fetch changes back into Hull. Alerts and warnings on integration can slow down outgoing or incoming data flow or in the worst case stop it completely.

Status monitor reports general connector warnings and alerts for all installed and configured connectors (if a connector was just installed and required configuration was not set yet it won't appear in the status monitor).

For those connectors which process outgoing backlogs, it additionally monitors the size of the backlog and takes it into consideration when showing connector status. Currently, we apply the following thresholds:

  • < 500 - OK - green
  • 500 - 10000 - WARNING - yellow
  • > 10000 - CRITICAL - red

Additionally, the status monitor shows the global health of all connectors in the past 24 hours. Every critical or warning entry on the timeline means that at least one connector was either in error state or its outgoing backlog exceeded the threshold.


  • currently, we can provide delay values reported in 15 minutes time windows only and there may be still occurrences of items which processing takes longer than the reported value
  • the status monitor does not show actual error messages for historical connector alerts, these details can be found on the overview page of the connector overview page (you can click directly on the status monitor list) and change the timeline to "Notifications" to see historical errors.
  • as for now some connector warnings and alerts are informational only and do not prevent the connector from operating normally, those levels will be adjusted for all integrations, so that going forward warnings and alerts are only reported when there is an actual issue affecting dataflow