How do I change an attribute value on my Users and Accounts?Updated 21/09/2020

Hull gives you the capability to update attributes with a few clicks using our "Batch Update" feature. The feature is available for both the User and Account objects. First, select the Users or Accounts that you'd like to modify by clicking the checkbox on the far left hand side of the list screen:

batch update select

You may select all users by clicking the checkbox in the header, or you may select individual ones by selecting the individual user checkbox.

Now, click on "User Actions" and then "Edit".

batch update button

The batch update modal will now appear.

batch update modal

Next, you'll select the attribute that you want to update by clicking "Select An Attribute".

batch update attribute

Once you've selected an attribute, type in the value that you want to set.

batch update value

Then click "Ok, edit users"!

You've now kicked off a job to update a particular attribute on your users. Remember: you can also edit multiple values if you would like by clicking "Add a new item" as well.

The time which it takes to complete the background job will depend on how many users you wanted to edit and how much traffic is currently being processed in your organization. This will also propagate the change to all of your connected systems that utilize this attribute.