Even if the API is fully supported, there’s more to using Hull than this. We recommend you consume the API through a Hull client or Connector. Those are easy to build and they package the entire request/response flow for you, subscribe to realtime updates from the platform and more.

Read a the 5 minutes intro on connectors.

The Hull API is a Flat API. You access objects by their Object ID, like this:

GET /:id

The Hull API lets you retrieve, add, modify and remove application data. We use standard HTTP methods for each of those actions.

  • GET to retrieve,
  • POST to create,
  • PUT to modify
  • DELETE to remove.
GET /api/v1/51122a9841a1bc52b4000006


Hull.api('/51122a9841a1bc52b4000006', function(response){


  • EVERY CALL starts with /api/v1. You can omit this prefix when using the Hull SDKs. We’ll add it for you.
  • You can access resources in your organization by requesting where ORGANIZATION_NAMESPACE is the namespace of your organization.