Benefits of Cross-domain Tracking

Hull allows you to recognize users across multiple domains seamlessly when they log in to one of them.

When a User visits several top-domain web site that you own, he usually won’t be recognized across domains. Hull can and lets you access the User’s identity wherever he goes.

How SSO works

The Hull.js library carries User identities across all the domains declared in your organization (as Platforms).

Securing identities

To secure your Users’ identity, before making your app available to the world, you need to whitelist the domains where you allow Hull to be used.

To do that, create one or more Platforms in your dashboard and enter the domains that should be allowed to access the user’s identity

Adding SSO to your own login system

You can use Hull’s SSO in tandem with your login system, and transform it into a cross-domain sign-on. To do this, implement Lazy Indentity Creation and install the hull.js library in your page.

Users will be able to log in with your auth system, and when they do, they will be automatically logged in to Hull. When they visit another website you own, their identity will follow them seamlessly.