How does it work?

One profile, and one set of segments

Combine your Customer Data.

See everything on everyone, all in one place. Combine data from all your tools. Every event. Every property. Every segment every contact ever entered or left. All in one place. Even for millions of contacts.

With any property and any event from any of your tools

The Most Powerful Segmentation Engine You've Ever Seen

Upgrade your segments everywhere with powerful segmentation. Pick from any property and event from any of your tools. Create finer and smarter segments easily with nested boolean logic. One managed from one place in Hull.

Easily Save and Send Your Segments

Send in a click. Forever up-to-date.

Pick a connector and publish your segments there. And you can rely on them being kept up-to-date in real time.

Use Your Data Between Apps.

Upgrade Your Tools With Each Other's Insights

Add never-before-possible segments, events and properties to your tools. Write events to Salesforce. Create event-based lists in Mailchimp. Pick and choose what exact data to send to each exact tool.

Two-Way Open Source Connectors

Send Data To And From Your Apps

Send and receive data from a library of tools (including and Zapier). Rely on each tool being kept up to date with Hull. And, add new tools by writing simple open source connectors.

How will you use Hull?