Capture all your customer data in unified profiles

Unlimited data collection

Collect everything about each customer, and everything they’ve ever done, ever, in one complete profile. Connect your tools, databases, and tracking to feed customer data into Hull through our integrations, SQL Importer, Hull.js, and The Hull API.

Smart, secure identity resolution

Hull automatically unifies user history across devices and tools to build perfectly complete profiles for all your users and accounts.

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Transform, Enrich & Segment in real-time

Transform customer data with JavaScript

Enrich, cleanse, and transform customer profiles with simple JavaScript using Processor, a powerful, real-time editing environment for all your customer data in Hull. Write computed data back into Profiles.

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Enrich profiles automatically

Fill in the blanks in your customer profiles with data from your favorite data enrichment providers, your backend database, incoming webhooks, and any 3rd party API with Hull’s powerful data enrichment tools.

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One segmentation tool to power them all

Build precise, infinitely complex segments with all and any customer data in your Hull Profiles. Preview results as-you-type. Save segments to sync across all your tools. Hull updates every segment in real-time.

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Filter the data going out to each tool

Limit your sales CRM to only qualified leads, throttle your email sends, and manage your data enrichment by syncing specific segments to each tool.

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Sync enriched profiles and segments to all your tools

Set-and-forget continuous sync

Select User, Account Attributes and Segments to sync and update across your tools through Integrations. Hull ensures data is correctly synchronized, and never dropped, at any volume.

Orchestrate your entire customer journey

Control your customer experience through all your team’s and their tools with data from Hull. Personalize every message, react immediately, and align all your teams through one unified, up-to-date customer profile.

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