Start by connecting all your tools

Your data is siloed within all your tools. Connect each tool in a few clicks and start pulling all your customer data into Hull.

Flexibility to start quickly or configure from scratch.

Configure each connector to suit your business. Get started quickly with our latest hosted connectors, or host, fork and even build them yourself.

Next, combine your data into one customer profile

Hull creates one profile for each person - with everything about them and every action they’ve ever taken according to all the tools you connect.

Each profile updates with any other update in any other tool, so you have a source of truth you can always rely on.

Transform your data for use in each tool

Sometimes, data needs a little preparation before it can be used in another tool. Use the Hull Processor to transform your data and make it useful in all your tools. With simple Javascript and Hull's solution engineers, the only limits are your ideas.

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One segmentation tool to power them all

Build precise segments with data from any source and limitless layers of and/or logic. Hull keeps every segment up-to-date and ready to use in all of your tools. Finally, powerful segments for everyone to use.

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Company size500-1000
Add even more data to select profiles

Fill in the blanks in your customer profiles with data enrichment providers. Set rules to enrich profiles in matching segments with paid third party data from Clearbit and Datanyze. Perfect for automating lead qualification.

Finally, sync profiles and segments across all your tools

No more "dead data". Let Hull sync the most up-to-date profiles and segments to and from every tool your teams use. Complete customer data integration so you can share your “source of truth” everywhere it’s needed.

Replay your rules

Make it easy to migrate to new tools and setup data with your existing rules. Bring everything back in sync by replaying past profiles and segments through rules you’ve just created.

Monitor your customer data brain

Keep an eye on syncing and processing with the Hull Dashboard. Dive deep into individual actions taken with Hull Logs. At last, total transparency across your customer data management.

Ready to see how Hull works for your business?

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