Ready for Hull?Follow this five question self-assessment and see if you're ready for Hull.

Are you a B2B SaaS company?

Do you sell subscription software to other companies? Hull is built for B2B use cases, and SaaS companies have similar tools (like Salesforce, Intercom & Clearbit) and use cases (like product qualified leads).

If you're not a B2B SaaS company, you can still build on Hull (including your own integrations), but you may find some integrations missing out-of-the-box.

Are you scaling?

Hull is for teams that are trying to accelerate growth. Marketing has a funnel that is generating leads. Sales is able to close them. You have budget and some core tools already in place. But now you need to get your tools, teams & data to work together.

If you're not yet at the scale-up stage or don't have budget for martech infrastructure like Hull, you can still learn and adopt the best practices here whilst you get your tools, teams & data in place.

Do you have sales, marketing or business operations?

As you scale, the people who manage and operate teams are often different to the people who manage and operate your tools and data.

The person (or team) that owns your CRM (like Salesforce), analytics, business intelligence - your data layer - is the best candidate to "own" Hull. These are often technical teams too, and have dedicated data engineers. Hull becomes there core day-to-day tool.

Do you have a first use case?

Some teams simply look to make their existing tools, teams & data talk to each other. Others are looking to find new playbooks to accelerate growth.

Whatever your objective, you need a clear first use case with Hull to get started. Our solution engineers will work with you to define, scope & implement your first use case when you are onboard onto the Hull platform.

If you aren't sure of what use cases you want to start with, take a look at our help, documentation & "Spotted" series.

Do you know how Hull works?

Hull is a customer data platform. Hull sits at the heart of your sales, marketing & customer stack. It combines customer data into a unified customer profile, then transforms, segments & syncs across all your tools in real-time.

If you're not sure how Hull works (and how it is different to other methods of customer data integration), take a look at our Hull platform overview, video demo, and documentation.

Are you ready for Hull?

If you answered YES to the five questions, let's talk about how we can break & sync your customer data silos.

To get the most value out of Hull, new customers work with our solution engineers to define and scope your first use case. The start of this is a consultation. We'll give a personalized demo of the platform and outline how we can solve your use case.

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