Customer data enrichment synced across all your tools

Fill in the blanks in Hull Profiles and profiles everywhere with Hull’s powerful data enrichment features

Plug in your favorite data enrichment providers

Use Clearbit Reveal, Prospector and Enrichment data in person and account profiles.

Enrich Hull Account Profiles with Datanyze technology and business data.

Sync data to Madkudu’s predictive lead scoring, then fetch the returned value to Hull Profiles.


Custom data enrichment with Hull Processor

Transform, cleanse, and enrich customer data with plain JavaScript. Create any new trait and event, then write it back into Hull Profiles in real-time.

Use Hull Scheduled Calls to call an external API to fetch data at intervals you define, transform that data with plain javascript, and write into Hull Profiles.

Learn about Hull Processor

Fetch data from any SQL database

Hull SQL importer

Connect a database, write your SQL query, and import all the data into Hull with the SQL Importer. Schedule the importer to fetch and update data at intervals you define. Write all the data into Hull Profiles. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and Microsoft SQL. View our SQL Importer documentation.

Control your data enrichment centrally

Hull Integration settings

Hull works automatically in the background with the rules you’ve configured. to fetch and update data. Hull Profiles automatically enrich and sync out to your tools.

Select who gets enriched with Hull Segments, and save your enrichment credits for your best fit accounts. Apply company-level data across all associated contacts automatically through Hull Account Profiles.

Select which attributes and events to sync to your end tools from Hull - no clutter in your end tools.


Sync “fully enriched” Hull Profiles everywhere

Select just the fields you need from the entire Hull Profile to sync to all your tools. Control who is synced where with Hull Segments.

No tools and teams left behind, and no tools polluted with unnecessary data and profiles.

Use your enriched data to scale, automate, and personalize the entire customer journey across every tool, team, and touchpoint.

Learn about Hull for Orchestration

Learn more about Hull's customer data platform

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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