Fast, powerful customer data integration for developersCleanse, enrich, transform, and sync all your customer data everywhere.

Customer data platform for developers

Unify customer profiles

Capture customer data from any API, SQL database, webhook and more, and combine into an infinitely deep, schemaless profile with Hull Profiles.

Transform customer data

Compute traits and events with plain JavaScript in Hull Processor. Write all data back to Hull Profiles in real-time.

Update all connected tools

Hull syncs data to all your connected tools. React in real-time without scaling problems, sync delays, or extra setup.

Build your own or fork & extend Hull’s open source integrations

Hull Integrations Manifest

Build integrations faster with Hull. View dozens of real-world, scalable examples that you can install in a click, or fork and host yourself. View Hull Integrations on GitHub.

Install your own integrations in minutes by pasting a link to your hosted app. Configure data mapping and setup with Hull’s integration settings. Hull can start pushing and pulling data straight away.

Hull integrations are simple, stateless NodeJS apps. The Hull platform manages the complexity of storing data, scaling, and smoothing data flows.

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Fetch data from any SQL database

Hull SQL importer

Connect a database, write your SQL query, and import all the data into Hull with the SQL Importer. Schedule the importer to fetch and update data at intervals you define. Write all the data into Hull Profiles. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and Microsoft SQL. View our SQL Importer documentation.

Custom data enrichment with Hull Processor

Transform, cleanse, and enrich customer data with plain JavaScript. Create any new trait and event, then write it back into Hull Profiles in real-time.

Use Hull Scheduled Calls to call an external API to fetch data at intervals you define, transform that data with plain javascript, and write into Hull Profiles.

Learn about Hull Processor


Record every data change automatically


Hull logs all changes to data, and makes it available to query by any attribute. All user profile updates, every data sent or received, and all data transformations.

Total transparency over all your customer data without any additional setup.

Avoid exponential complexity and expense

Control your customer journeys with global states managed in Hull, synced across all your tools and databases. Designed for fast setup, for scale, and to react in real-time.

My aim is to have full control of our business-critical data flows. And this was barely possible before using Hull. Now, we have this control. Hundreds hours of work worth thousands of dollars saved by centralizing the data modeling into Hull rather than having to replicate the model to each single integration.

Customer success and sales are very, very happy. I can give them whatever information they want, and I don’t need a backend developer. Data is more reliable. We have more control.

Thomas Plaindoux, Data Operations Manager at Mention

Customer Success

Work with Hull's solution engineers

Every Hull customer see’s white glove onboarding - we make sure your first use case is setup end-to-end.

Whether you're building on Hull yourself, or you need a hand, our solutions team will work with you to setup your data up correctly. This is included in your onboarding fee.

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Get a customized demo

Book a personalized demo with a product expert to see how Hull can help you unify data across your entire stack.