Capture any website visitor data with Hull.js tracking

Track pageviews, forms & querystrings across domains to Hull Profiles. Transform, enrich, and segment profile data, sync across all your tools in real-time.

Quick and easy to setup and use

Grab the JavaScript snippet from your Hull organization, and install through Google Tag Manager or directly in the page.

Hull.js has only two methods. hull.track() to record events, and hull.traits() to record user level attributes

Fast and secure visitor and user tracking

Hull.js is only (<70k gzipped), served from fast CDNs globally, and loaded asynchronously.

Hull.js is initialized with a secure JSON web token to authenticate your users securely. No impersonalization sending data to and from the webpage.

Read our Hull.js documentation

Different methods to capture website visitor data

Automated QueryString Tracking

Write additional events and traits into the user profile based on a query string parameter in a URL.

Form tracking

Write data from any form submission into Hull Profiles. Stamp Form submitted events in the user profile, and write the form fields as user traits.

Cross domain tracking

Hull.js handles cross domain tracking with ease. From the unified profile with a stable identity, Hull can associate tracking across different top level domains.

Unify data tracked from Hull.js into one customer profile

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Smart, secure, automated identity resolution matches together elements from different sources.

Hull Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source.

Learn more about Hull Profiles

Powerful features to control your web tracking data

Data enrichment

Enrich tools with data from your backend SQL database, any webhook, any API, your favorite data enrichment providers, and more with Hull's data enrichment features.

Hull Segments

Search and segment your entire customer database in real-time, and build precise segments from all your data with Hull's segmentation tool.

Hull Processor

Transform, enrich, and cleanse any customer data with plain JavaScript in Processor - the real-time data editing environment on Hull.

More than just a web tracking script

Hull sits at the centre of your sales and marketing stack.

Design and deliver the data behind the perfect, personal customer experience. Sync all your teams favorite tools together. Align every team with the full context on each lead, customer, and account.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

Busy teams from Segment, Drift, Mention, and more discovered how Hull worked for them with a personalized demo. Schedule yours today.

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