Sync customer data from 1000+ tools with Incoming Webhooks

Capture any customer data using webhooks. Define the webhook to listen to, use plain javascript to write the data as traits and events into Hull Profiles.

Capture data from any webhook

Hull Incoming Webhooks Connector

Send any data in any shape or form using webhooks. Define the webhook to listen to, then use plain javascript to transform and write the webhook’s data as traits and events into Hull Profiles.

There's no complex mapping UI. Just write JavaScript. Hull handles scaling, security, resilience, and logging.

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Powerful features to control your webhook data

Unify customer profiles

Capture customer data from any API, SQL database, webhook and more, and combine into an infinitely deep, schemaless profile with Hull Profiles.

Segment with all your data

Use limitless combinations of your customer data to create email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, and more with Segments.

Update all connected tools

Hull syncs data to all your connected tools. React in real-time without scaling problems, sync delays, or extra setup.

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Sync data from webhooks everywhere

Not every tool can accept your webhook data in any form. Capture and transform your webhook data, then sync to all your tools in the right format with Hull.

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Map your customer data to your tools natively

With your webhook data captured and transformed in Hull, you can now map it to each tool natively with Integrations.

Hull Integration settings

Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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