Lead Management SoftwareTrack, qualify & nurture all your leads through Hull's customer data platform

First, capture all your sources of lead data

You can track & generate leads from many different sources. Connect to them all & aggregate into your lead management software.

Hull can connect to all your tools, tracking & databases with a variety of integration methods, and create a unified lead & account profile.

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Unified lead, customer & account profiles

See the entire history of the relationship with any person or company from all your tools, tracking & databases in a single customer view.

  • Every attribute
  • Every event
  • Every change
  • Every associated lead
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Create segments from all & any of your data

Use any combination of data in Hull to build & update person & company segments. Hull's segmentation tool works in real-time.

Segments let you:

  • Query your Hull data
  • Filter data flows to external tools
  • Update lists, segments & audiences in 3rd party tools
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Orchestrate your lead management from Hull

Lead nurturing

Maximize engagement with your best-fit leads by engaging them with targeted content & campaigns across multiple channels - orchestrated by Hull. See how to manage lead nurturing on Hull.

Lead qualification

Connect to all your lead sources, then enrich, score & pre-qualify leads before syncing only best-fit, sales-ready leads to your CRM. See how to build lead qualification on Hull.

Sales enablement

Automate sales outreach to target leads as they move through the buying journey via Hull's customer data platform. See how to build automated sales enablement on Hull.

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