Personalize, automate, and align your marketing at scaleOrchestrate all your marketing tools and data from Hull

Customer data platform for data-driven marketers

Unify customer profiles

Combine all your data from all your tools and databases on every lead, customer, and account into Profiles.

Segment with all your data

Use limitless combinations of your customer data to create email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, and more with Segments.

Sync across all your tools

Share and update the same segments and profiles across all your tools with Integrations. No tools or teams stuck with incomplete, messy, “dead data”.

Maximize conversions with personalization at scale.

Design and deliver the data to create your personalized, brand experience.

Create the precise audiences for each message. Control all your email lists, ad audiences, qualified leads, workflow triggers and more with precise Hull Segments. Trigger your messages at just the right time with the latest data synced through Hull.

Personalize each message with dynamic content in every email, chat, and web message using data from Hull Profiles. Be perfectly personal at every message and touchpoint.

Maximize engagement with omnichannel marketing

Engage your leads and customers with a consistent message everywhere, without burning out any one channel, over the entire customer lifecycle.

Group together leads and customers with Hull Segments, then sync across every tool and channel. Hull keeps each segment updated in real-time - no mistake messages and communication clash.

Capture engagement across any channel like email clicks, webpage visits, and demo requests, then update segments across your entire marketing machine.

Hull makes omnichannel personalization a reality, without swapping out your current, favorite marketing tools.

Email lists

Create and update email lists, and trigger drip email campaigns from your favorite email tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Intercom, and more.


Create and update ad audiences automatically based on Hull Segments. Power your favorite ad tools like Facebook Custom Audiences.

Live chat

Trigger, react, and enrich your live chat conversations in real-time with Hull Fastlane and integrations with your favorite chat tools like Intercom.


Bring rich real-time personalization to your web experiences with Hull Fastlane and Hull Browser. Pass through to your web optimization tools including Optimizely and Intellimize.


Manage which leads sync to your CRM and have sales engage with. Works with your favorite CRMs like up in Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and


Sync leads and customers to all and any providers through calling any external API through Hull Processor - direct mail, t-shirts, even carrier pigeons. Hull can communicate with any API.

Create smarter mid-funnel marketing with enriched profiles

Too often, all you know about a lead is their email address. Fill in the blanks in your lead profiles with data enrichment through Hull. Use a complete profile to personalize messages, nurture each lead individually, and deeply qualify leads for sales.

Upgrade your marketing automation workflows. Use real-time data from all your tools and databases to trigger smarter workflows without complex wiring of data.

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Align sales and marketing with deeply qualified leads

Combine all your data to deeply qualify each lead and account in hull. Automatically sync the best-fit leads to your sales CRM according to the deep, enriched profiles in Hull.

No more junk, sparse profiles. No more friction or differences over the quality or timeliness of leads sent to sales.

The most unexpected benefit was how it - relationship between marketing and sales is quite amazing. Before they weren’t keen on our leads. Now they say “I want this lead now. Give me this lead!”

Remi Sablong, Marketing at Lengow

Transform, enrich, and cleanse your customer data


Not all data fits in every tool immediately. Compute and clean up data with plain JavaScript using Hull Processor. Fetch data through external APIs, compute user traits and events, and cleanse the data your end tools need.

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Manage your fRaNKeNsTaCk of marketing tools

Modern marketers have dozens of tools with visitor, lead, and customer profiles in them. Control them all from Hull - the centre of your marketing stack.

Fill in the blanks in one tool with data from another. Hull keeps all your tools up-to-date and in sync all the time.

Try new marketing tools out with ease by migrating in your working data. Turn on your audiences, lists, and segments in a few clicks.

Hull is built for scalability, and works with your favorite sales and marketing tools

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Book a personalized demo with a product expert to see how Hull can help you unify data across your entire stack.