Orchestrate your entire customer journey, beginning-to-endControl all your tools, teams, and data through Hull's customer data platform

Design the data to create your perfect customer journey

Unified customer profiles

Capture all your customer data and context, and combine into Hull Profiles for every person and account.

Enrich, cleanse & segment

Compute new data you need. Transform data with Hull Processor and segment profiles with Hull Segments.

Sync data to all your tools

Update all your team’s tools in real-time with Hull Integrations and create a perfectly personal customer experience.

Control every step and path in your customer journeys

Use Hull Segments to group people and accounts based on who they are and what they’ve done.

Define the steps, nurture, and progression through the customer lifecycle. Control which experience they have automatically with Hull.

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Personalize content and conversations with every person, every time

Use Hull Profiles to personalize every message template with dynamic content. Update your CRMs with all the cues, clues, and context to a deep and meaningful 1:1 conversation with sales, support, customer success and more.

Progressively profile everyone, everywhere

Capture every interaction through Hull Profiles, then update data across all your tools.

React immediately to every step of the customer journey without extra setup. Every update flows back through Hull to every other tool and team.


Align every tool, team, and touchpoint

Sync profile and segment data across every customer-facing tool. Orchestrate a consistent, personal experience with every person and every interaction. No tool or team left behind.

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Simpler and more powerful than anything else you’ve hacked together

Control all your customer data from one, transparent platform. Simpler, easier, and more powerful than any combination of scripts, spreadsheets, if-this-then-that workflows, and data warehousing.

Hull Profiles combine customer data

Hull Processor transforms customer data

Hull Segments group customer profiles

Hull Integrations sync customer data


Prospect and qualify leads, build and accelerate pipeline, and automate your data flows with Hull.

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Target and personalize multi-channel marketing at scale across every tool and channel.

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Empower your go-to-market teams with the right data, insights and leads in their choice tools.

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Scalable, powerful platform to combine and transform customer data without intensive setup.

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