Transform customer data with plain javascript

Compute new attributes and events in real-time from all your customer data

Hull Processor is a real-time editing environment for your customer data

All your profile data

See the raw data behind an entire User or Account profile, including all their events and changes since they were last updated.

Write plain JavaScript

Write new attributes with hull.traits(), new events with hull.track(), call external APIs and more. There is no framework to learn.

Write data back to Profiles

Hull Processor will recompute data and write it back to your Profiles to use across all your segments and tools.

Common use cases for Hull Processor

You can compute new attributes for Users and Accounts with the hull.traits() call. Use this to create fallback strategies, cleanse & reformat attributes, summarize or score a stream of events, write attributes between Users and Accounts, and more.

    'Product Hunt profile': twitter_handle

You can compute new user events with the hull.track() call. You can use this to compute triggers for other event-powered tools, write updates, track custom actions (like calling externals APIs) and more.

    "User Invited", {
    username: <value>, email: <value>
Read our Hull Processor documentation

Fallback strategies

When you're merging data from multiple tools, you might have "competing" sources for the same type of attribute like company name or job title.

To simplify your data flows, and make sure you're only using the most reliable, complete source, you can create a fallback strategy to prioritize data sources and write a "canonical" versiopn.

Data cleansing & reformatting

Customer data is often messy. From form fields, scraping tools, and so on. Before data can be useable for building segments, mapping to tools, and personalizing messaging, it often needs to be cleansed.

You can define the rules to cleanse your data in Hull Processor, and write "clean" ready-to-use data back to your Profiles.

Data mapping

Customer data often needs many associations, such as matching up billing data, email subscription status, lifecycle status and more.

This data often varies between tools (and the limitations of different tools). You can define your global mapping rules within Hull Processor.

Data transformation

Not every tool can "accept" all types of data. It needs to be transformed into a form it can use first. For instance, some tools don't (easily) accept custom events, but they can accept an attribute that updates.

You can transform data such as Email opened events into an always up-to-date Last Email Opened (date) attribute, or events when key attributes like billing plan update.

Custom data enrichment

Data enrichment enables teams to "fill in the blanks" in their Profiles with publicly available data without having to build a high friction experience for leads and customers.

Hull Processor let's you call request data from external services and write their data back into Profiles.

Multi-touch attribution modelling

Since Hull has a complete record of every person and company that's ever interacted with your brand or product, you can compute an attribution model that incorporates every one of their touch points.

For instance, selecting the most "valuable" first and last touch interactions across any User tied to an Account before they purchase.

Lead & churn scoring

You can compute a holistic custom scores and signals to grade the behavior of Users and Accounts based on their most recent events and attributes.

You can write this in Hull Processor to write and update an attribute back to your Profiles based on any data recorded in Hull.

Owner mapping

If you have complex rules to assign sales, success, or support reps based on market segment, region, scope, and so on, you can compute this centrally and write each User and Account's "owner" across all their tools to personalize messaging and attribution across every touchpoint.

Call any API on a schedule

Write plain JavaScript and trigger it to run on a schedule, then write the response to User & Account profiles.

Explore Scheduled API calls

Scalable, secure platform for your customer data

Hull minimizes the setup and configuration for managing and integrating your customer data.

Write and execute plain JavaScript in Hull Processor, and see the output in your end tools in moments.

Hull handles scalability and security, and logs all updates and changes to customer data.

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Use your transformed data everwhere

Unified customer profiles

Combine data from all your sources of customer data into a unified customer profile.

Build real-time segments

Use any combination of your customer data to build segments that update in real-time.

Sync data in real-time

Use integrations to map fields between Hull and your tools, and set them to sync automatically in real-time.

Learn more about Hull's customer data platform