Transform customer data with plain javascript

Compute new attributes and events in real-time from all your customer data

Hull Processor is a real-time editing environment for your customer data

See and edit computed data in real-time

Preview your results in the output and console, then save to set your Processor to run constantly.

See everything in one place

See the full payload and changes within a Hull Profile, your code to transform data, and the outputted data and console in one view.

View Hull Processor documentation

See Hull Processor libraries, methods, and best practices in our documentation.

Common use cases for Hull Processor

You can compute new attributes for Users and Accounts with the hull.traits() call. Use this to create fallback strategies, cleanse & reformat attribtes, summarize or score a stream of events, write attributes between Users and Accounts, and more.

hull.traits({'Product Hunt profile': twitter_handle});

You can compute new user events with the hull.track() call. You can use this to compute triggers for other event-powered tools, write updates, track custom actions (like calling externals APIs) and more.

hull.track( "User Invited" , { username: <value>, email: <value> })
Read our Hull Processor documentation

Scalable, secure platform for your customer data

Hull minimizes the setup and configuration for managing and integrating your customer data. Write and execute plain JavaScript in Hull Processor, and see the output in your end tools in moments. Hull handles scalability and security, and logs all updates and changes to customer data.

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