Single customer view & profile for every person & company

Combine data from all your tools, tracking, and databases into a unified customer profile with Hull's powerful identity resolution.

Build a single customer view from all your customer data


Use Hull's Integrations and Incoming Webhooks to capture data from all your CRMs, email, chat, analytics, enrichment, billing, and tools with customer data.


Use Hull.js, Segment's analytics.js , Incoming Webhooks and the URL shortener to track web sessions and product usage into Hull.


Use Hull's SQL Importer, APIs, and Google Sheets Importer to ingest data from your backend databases and data warehouses.

Smart, Secure & Automated Identity Resolution for People & Companies

Hull's Identity Resolution algorithms matches up data about the same person and the same company with identifiers from multiple different tools and databases into a single, unified profile.

Hull treats all data in isolation. Merging is deterministic, secure, and configurable.

See our documentation on identifiers & identity resolution.

Explore Identity Resolution

Capture Unlimited Attributes of Any Type

Everything about your Users and Accounts is captured in attributes, and are shown on the left hand side of every profile.

See all your attributes in one place

Hull shows the complete set of attributes from every tool and database in one profile. When you connect a new tool, all their additional attributes will be added to the profiles.

Hull organizes all your attributes

Hull identifies key attributes like name, email, and IDs from differen tools, and groups your attributes together automatically.

No attribute limits

There are no hard limits to the number or type of attributes you can capture and store. There is no schema to define either. Hull discovers and formats data as you send it.

One Complete Timeline of All User Events

Hull can record events into User profiles.

Combine tracked events from different tools

Unify your event streams of Page viewed Email opened Form submitted from all your tools into your single customer view.

Unlimited event properties

Hull captures every event property (like form fields) and any context that can be detected. Like attributes, their are no limit to the volume and type of event properties.

Hull stamps all attribute & segments changes too

As a attributes and segments change, Hull automatically stamps their timeline of events with the update, including the before and after values.

Never See An Outdated Profile Again

Hull updates and recomputes the entire customer profile every time new data comes in. Hull Profiles are never out of date.

Every User and Account profile has a complete audit log of all data incoming and outgoing data that made up their profile.

Search through any User or Account's entire collection of attributes and events with ease.

Use your unified customer data everywhere

Build real-time segments

Use any combination of your customer data to build segments that update in real-time.

Transform your profile data

Use Hull Processor to transform your data using plain JavaScript.

Sync data in real-time

Use integrations to map fields between Hull and your tools, and set them to sync automatically in real-time.

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