One unified customer profile to power them all

Combine data from all your tools and databases about each person and account with Hull Profiles

Capture the entire customer journey in one beautiful profile


Hull Profiles capture every attribute and trait, every event and action taken by, and every action taken on each person’s profile. Everything. Hull connects to all your tools and databases, captures all this customer data, then combines it all into one unified customer profile. See, filter, and understand your entire customer journey.

There are no limits to the volume or type of data Hull Profiles can store. Hull can store any customer data or any type at any scale - even tens of millions of users with thousands of events and attributes each.

Hull Accounts for B2B

Capture the entire customer journey of an organization with Hull Accounts.

Combine the actions of associated contacts, and all the account-level attributes and traits from all your tools and databases into one master account profile.

The entire B2B customer journey in one profile.

Hull Accounts Profile


Smart, Secure, Automated Identity Resolution

Send data to Hull, and Hull unifies user profiles from all devices and services automatically into a single profile. Hull treats each element of data in isolation. Merging is deterministic, secure, and configurable.

Powerful methods to capture customer data

Hull Profiles capture the entire customer journey from across your tools, tracking, and databases.

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Full audit log for any change

Hull Profiles are enriched with an event stream of all attribute updates, and segment change. View these changes in each profile, and leverage them to build more precise segments, and forward them to your tools in realtime.

Hull automatically records and exposes:
  • User created
  • User merged
  • Attributes changed
  • Segments changed

Transform, cleanse & enrich profiles with the Processor


Manipulate profiles with code

Use plain JavaScript to compute new traits and events from data in your Hull Profiles. Call external services, compute scores, cleanse messy data — then write it back into your Hull Profiles in real-time.

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Profiles refresh in real-time


Hull constantly refreshes all profiles, segments, and integrations with any update. No data is outdated.

With Hull Fastlane, you can update refresh and sync with any updated data to real-time. Capture updates, refresh Hull Profiles and Hull Segments, and sync instantly to your tools. Designed for scenarios like real-time web personalization and live chat.


Segment with all and any customer data

Create segments from any combination of data in Hull Profiles. Combine limitless filters to create precise segments. View the results in real-time - Hull Segments update as-you-type. Write segments back into Hull Profiles.

Learn about Hull Segments

Sync Hull Profile updates across all your tools

No more outdated customer data in your end tools.

The entire Hull Profile and Hull Segments refresh with every update. Hull Integrations subscribe to all relevant updates and sync refreshed profiles and segments out to your tools in real-time.

Synchronize your profile data across all your sales, marketing, support, and customer-facing tools.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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