Lead management software for data-driven salesPower up your sales CRM and workflows without junk data

Customer data platform for data-driven sales teams

One unified lead profile

Hull builds the complete picture of every lead, their interactions, and history with you from all connected tools and databases.

Filter and enrich leads

Transform your data on each lead into clean, actionable, ready-for-sales formats. Filter just the leads you need with Hull's segmentation tool.

Sync leads across tools

Share every lead, contact, and account across all your sales and marketing tools, with data from your unified lead profile and Hull's Integrations.

Fill in the blanks in ALL your leads’ profiles

No second guessing or wasted discovery calls. Give sales and marketing the complex context to speak to each lead and customer with data from your other tools.

Hull captures everything about each lead and every action they've ever taken, available to sync to your sales CRM.

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  • Product usage from your backend database and analytics tools
  • Lead scores from predictive scoring tools
  • Business intelligence from data enrichment providers
  • Website visits and content viewed from your web analytics tools
  • Email and live chat engagement from your marketing tools

Qualify leads accurately and automatically

Hull Segmentation Tool

Sync only qualified leads to sales. Use all your data on each lead, including enriched and computed data, to deeply and precisely qualify leads in Hull using Hull Segments.

Choose which segments to sync to your tools, including your CRMs. Hull automatically syncs and updates matching qualified leads to your CRM.

Lengow fixed their 50% dropoff in demo request response with automated lead qualification through Hull. Read the case study.

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Prospect for new leads without polluting your CRM

Hull Prospector

Let Hull prospect for you without junking up your CRM. Integrate Hull with services like Clearbit Prospector and pull your target leads right into Hull. Find associated contacts or lookalike for your qualified leads automatically, and continue to generate leads automatically. Hull creates new profiles for each new lead. Control which leads and what data on each lead is synced to your CRM.

Create smarter sales workflows without constraints


Combine and transform data to power your sales teams’ workflows in Hull. Use Hull Processor to compute new traits and events with plain JavaScript (no effing APEX), then write new data to Hull Profiles. Sync new computed data to your CRMs, marketing tools, and power smarter workflows everywhere without brittle workarounds.

See the Processor

Lead scoring

Use all your data to compute real-time lead scores. Create scores in any way you like without the constraints of your sales and marketing tools scoring systems.

Lead assignment

Write advanced routing rules for assigning leads to particular reps and sales teams.

Summarize streams of actions

Write CRM-friendly, sales rep-friendly summaries of your leads actions on your website and in your product. Transform long streams of analytics data into clear, short, "human readable" insights to sync to your CRM.

Enrich your CRM with custom data

Fill in the data points your sales reps constantly look up themselves. Call external APIs through Hull Processor to create and update traits in Hull Profiles, then write this to your CRM in real-time.

Cleanse your CRM

Keep junk leads and dead data away from sales reps. Capture and store all your leads and lead data in Hull’s infinitely deep profiles instead of your CRM.

Transform and cleanse your lead data before syncing it out with Hull Processor. Then, sync only qualified leads and the data your reps need into your CRM.

Mention saved over $15,000 on their Salesforce account by reducing API calls and storage costs.

With Hull, we can control the data and only pass the fields and contacts which matter most to us. So it’s very cost efficient. It was a good surprise!

Thomas Plaindoux, Data Operations Manager at Mention

Sync leads across all your tools in real-time

Create a personalized lead experience at scale with Hull. Sync just the leads and data your sales team needs into the tools they want to use. Clue in sales with who to talk to using Hull Segments, what to say with data from Hull Profiles, and when to reach out - all without sales leaving their tool of choice.

What Hull allows us to do is identify the moments when they’re moving through the buyer’s journey, take that information in, and then react. John Sherer, Director of Sales at Appcues

Read the Appcues customer case study


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Hull enables you to orchestrate data across many tools. Sales and marketing teams use Hull to prospect and qualify leads at scale. Learn how teams have doubled quadrupled sales pipeline in our data-driven playbooks.

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