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Manage your customer data the right way, and you’ll see the tremendous impact it can have on your company’s growth and retention. That’s why scaling technology companies choose Hull.

We are the tried-and-true customer data platform that offers the features and functionality to meet your evolving needs, along with the support to keep your customer data operations running smoothly.

Cleanse and transform your data

Working with customer data often involves the crucial step of cleansing the data before sending it out to other tools. Unlike Segment and Segment Personas, Hull offers the unique ability to standardize, reformat, and transform data in real-time so that it’s presented exactly the way you want before it syncs to your destination tools.

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Configure and control data flows on your terms

Hull allows fine-grained control over data mapping and synchronization. You decide where your data is mapped to, what data you want to sync, and when you want to sync it, unlike Segment and Segment Personas, which by default sends every data point to every destination tool.

Visualize your customer profiles

Seeing your data is believing in it. Unlike Segment and Segment Personas, Hull gives you a clear and concise user interface to view each contact and company, with corresponding attributes from each tool and a timeline of every tracked interaction.

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The customer-focused customer data platform

We at Hull understand that managing customer data can be messy, difficult, and complex, which is why we don’t expect you to go at it all alone. Our team has decades of combined expertise in data integration and management, so you feel confident working with a partner who has seen it all. Our success hinges on your success, so we offer a risk-free proof of concept to ensure you get value from the platform, guidance implementing new use cases, and ongoing support whenever you need it.

Simple and sensible pricing for growing companies

We want to help (not hinder) your growth, which is why we won’t penalize or charge you more when your website or app starts to gain more visitors and traffic. Our pricing is designed to be cost-effective, consistent, and stable, so you’ll have less to worry about as you scale your business.

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How does Hull manage data synchronization to a CRM compared to Segment?

Synchronizing data to popular B2B tools like CRMs is of utmost importance to our customers. We’ve built our platform to thoughtfully address these concerns. We allow you to sync your data cleanly (no duplicate records created!) and in a controlled manner so you don’t hammer your rate limits and cause fee spikes.

How is the pricing structure different between Hull and Segment?

We price similarly to a bundled cell phone data plan, wherein you purchase a package based on a set number of incoming events and computed segments. We aim to make our pricing transparent and stable so you know what to expect. Segment’s pricing structure is driven primarily by Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs), which can be limiting for fast-growing businesses.

How does Hull manage data exports compared to Segment?

Getting your customer data out of your CDP and into a data warehouse is a popular use case that we see often. Segment exports each event as a distinct table in your data warehouse, which can make analysis of your events difficult if you don’t join the tables first. Hull exports all events into the same table so you can get started with your analysis right away!

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