One central segmentation tool to power them all

Build precise segments with all your data, then sync across all your tools in real-time

Build precise segments like this

Hull segmentation let's you build any segment you can imagine from one beautiful interface. Use limitless combinations of:

  • User traits and attributes
  • Events
  • Event property filters
  • Event property time filters
  • And/or filters
  • Groups of filters
  • Tags of values
  • Entered/left segment events
  • Attribute changed events

Choose from any customer data in Hull to build segments

Hull's unified customer profiles and databse give you the complete choice to build any segment you can imagine.

Search and pick any data in Hull from Profiles to create precise segments. There's no limit to the complexity or type of data you can use.

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Preview segments as-you-type


No more waiting around. Hull’s segmentation tool works in real-time. Review and refine the exact eligible contacts as-you-type - it’s like Google Instant search for your customers.

Sync and update segments across all your your tools

Once you’ve saved your segment, Hull works in the background to keep each segment up-to-date, then sync to the tools you’ve specified. Precision segments in all your tools in real-time.

Use segments to control the steps in your customer journey, personalize the path each of each person and account, and control your data flows in every tool.

Lead qualification

Define your precise criteria for qualified leads, then sync only those leads to your CRM for sales.

Email lists

Create and update your newsletters, campaigns, and email targeting centrally in Hull.

Ad audiences

Control who see's what ad, refresh your audiences in real-time, and direct your ad spend with precision segmentation.

Marketing automation

Control, update and personalize your drip nurture campaigns and workflows based on engagement behavior.

Live chat

Trigger personalized live chat to only targeted audiences of visitors, leads, or customers.

Web personalization

Update web content and content suggestions in real-time to match a live visitor

Data enrichment

Control your 3rd party data enrichment flows by limiting it to a specific group of leads, customers and accounts.

Tool migration

Transplant your existing, winning segments from one tool to another tool.

Create segments once, then sync them everywhere

Email lists = ad audiences = qualified leads = Hull Segments. Replicate your segments across all your tools in a few clicks. Select which segments to sync in Hull Integrations’ settings. Hull will refresh all your segments in all your tools in real-time.

You can also send segments one-off through tools with Hull Segment Replay to backfill data. Migrate between tools, run one-time processes, and restore data flows.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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