Track your leads and customers clicks anywhere

Create shortened URLs to track clicks, drop pixels, and record into Hull's unified customer profiles

Create shortened links with tracking

Drop your links (with UTM parameters) into the Hull URL shortener. Hull creates a short URL to use with your visitors, leads, and customers and redirect content.

Drop 3rd party tracking pixels

Build your audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn by including their tracking pixels in your shortened URLs. Add your pixel ID's for each ad network in the URL shortner settings.

Capture every click in Hull Profiles

Hull creates one unified customer profile for each person and account. Hull Profiles feature every attribute and trait about a person, everything they've ever done, and ever data change and update ever according to every connected data source.

With URL Shortener, you can see clicks and engagement from the entire customer journey (beyond your website and product tracking)

  • Sales emails
  • Social sharing
  • Guest posts
  • Partner and marketplace site clicks
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Score, segment & sync click data to every tool

Hull Processor

Transform, enrich, and cleanse any customer data with plain JavaScript in Processor - the real-time data editing environment on Hull.

Hull Segments

Search and segment your entire customer database in real-time, and build precise segments from all your data with Hull's segmentation tool.

Sync across all your tools

Share and update the same segments and profiles across all your tools with Integrations. No tools or teams stuck with incomplete, messy, “dead data”.

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Break & sync your customer data silos with Hull

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